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I am very satisfied with it. It works well. I especially like that it will likely last a long time. Also, it is at least as effective as competing products. But I do think it is a better value overall than the competing products, given its effectiveness and likelihood of lasting a long time, before needing to be replaced.

Charles W

Hi Ken, Yes, thanks very much. I received the Rhyno Clip Nasal Dilator last week and it is now working well. Initially I had to fiddle a bit to get the strapping just right, but now I have got it working very well. There is no doubt that it has helped my breathing quite considerably at night which is when I need it, without having to take any medication…. a real plus! I would recommend this aid to anyone that has breathing problems, especially at night. Be patient with getting it to fit just right; this may take a couple of nights with some trial and error, but patience will pay off for eventually a great result. Ken, feel free to use this testimony in your advertising if you wish.

Kind Regards, Chris ~Happy Breathing !