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I stumbled upon the Rhyno Clip while attempting to improvise different types of apparatuses that would allow me to breathe more freely. I had a deviated septum that had been corrected by surgery, but my breathing was still slightly obstructed. I noticed that when I would hold my nostrils open with my thumb and forefinger, my breathing was totally unobstructed. My early designs of a nasal dilator was a small piece of rubber hose inserted into the nose. This offered a great improvement, but was uncomfortable, and when exhaling, it felt as though I was exhaling through a straw. This apparatus rarely lasted the entire night, and I was always conscious of the fact that something was in my nose. I started exploring different ways to hold the nasal passages open, and came up with a spring loaded "U" shaped object. When the "U" was compressed, placed in the nose, and when the spring tension was released, it would extend the nostrils open.

This apparatus was also effective in dilating the nasal passages, but was extremely uncomfortable, because the tension was not adjustable and would put too much pressure on the sides of the nostril. The apparatus was also annoying because upon exhalation, it always felt as though something was in front of my nose, and I could feel my hot breath deflecting from the apparatus. So I went back to the drawing board. I wanted an apparatus that dilated the nasal passages and was effective and comfortable on both the inhalation and exhalation. I also wanted the apparatus to remain in place the entire night in such a way that you could forget you were even wearing anything. Then the Rhyno Clip was born. I found that using two small clips to attach to the sides of the nostrils and an elastic band to wrap around the head accomplished my goal. The elastic band would sometimes shift during the night, so a second band was added to secure the first strap by also adding tension to the bottom of the head. I LOVE this product. When properly adjusted, there is minimal pressure on the nostrils and breathing is improved instantly. The fit is so comfortable, I sometimes touch my nose to see if the Rhyno Clip is still attached. Within 3-5 minutes of wearing the Rhyno Clip the increase in airflow will cause an even greater nasal dilation to occur.

With me, I experience TOTALLY unobstructed airflow on both inhalation and exhalation. I experience FULL VOLUME breathing, it's awesome! This doesn't cure insomnia, but once I fall asleep, it's like taking an adventure... I dream like CRAZY! I absolutely love it. I am happy to offer you a product that is inexpensive, re-usable, and highly effective. TIP: If you hold your nostrils open with your thumbs and forefingers, and it improves your breathing, you are going to absolutely love the Rhyno Clip... I guarantee it!

Rhyno Clip 2.0

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