1How can I determine if the Rhyno Clip will work for me?
A simple test will determine if the Rhyno Clip will work for you. First, close your mouth, and take a long deep breath through your nose, then exhale completely through you nose. THEN… with both thumbs and forefingers, gently hold both nostrils open and deeply inhale and exhale. If you notice a significant difference, you have a nasal restriction that can be corrected while wearing the Rhyno Clip. Click here for demonstration.Click here for demonstration
2Is it guaranteed to help me?
If the above test helped you, the Rhyno Clip is guaranteed to work for you, or, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the product within 30 days for a 100% refund.
3Is it easy to put on?
Yes, very easy to put on. The first time requires adjusting the band to the size of your head, and getting the adjustment tension just right. After the bands are adjusted for optimal tension and nasal dilation, only small adjustments will be necessary from time to time. Click here for demonstration.Click here for demonstration
4Are adjustments easy to make?
Yes. The adjustment buckles slide easily to tighten or loosen the bands. The adjustments are even simple to perform in the middle of the night while half asleep. Click here for demonstration.Click here for demonstration
5Will it fall off during the night?
If the bands are properly positioned and adjusted, No, it will not fall off. The Rhyno Clip will stay on until you intentionally take it off. If the bands are too loose, it is possible for the Rhyno Clip to come off during the night, but it rarely falls off completely. If it is too loose, sometimes the clip will slide out of one nostril, but it is simple to simply put back on, gently tighten the band, and get right back to your dreams.
6How long does it take to start working?
Nasal Dilation, enhanced breathing, happens immediately after putting it on. Full Volume Breathing occurs after 3-5 minutes of wearing the Rhyno Clip, because the enhanced breathing through your nose helps produce more Nitric Oxide. The increased production of Nitric Oxide becomes a potent vasodilator (dilation of the blood vessels), which helps to further open your airway and your breathing becomes even better.
7How does the RC compare to other products on the market?
It seems like all of the other nasal dilator products on the market are more interested in providing a cosmetically appealing product, rather than concentrating on a product that is totally effective. Other products are hidden inside the nose or come in a variety of flesh colored tones. The Rhyno Clip is highly visible, might be considered funny looking, but it is highly effective, and cosmetic appearance seems to be of little concern, since most people sleep with the lights out and eyes closed. If you are researching nasal dilators your first concern is most likely a product that works well, rather than a product that is cosmetically appealing. Other products can be irritating, non-adjustable, non-effective, and one-time use products.
8What are the benefits?
The Rhyno Clip is adjustable, reusable, washable, drug free, latex free, non-prescription, no sticky adhesives, no skin blemishing or skin irritations, promotes healthy nose breathing, and allows the nose to be a filter for the lungs and a natural barrier for a human body to purify, sterilize, warm up, and humidify inhaled air. Helps promote cardiovascular health and helps lower blood pressure. Helps reduce bad breath and snoring caused by mouth breathing Can enhance sleep and dreaming.
9Are any activities restricted while wearing the Rhyno Clip?
With the exception of going out on the town, spending quality time with your special someone, or entering a beauty contest, NO. While wearing the Rhyno Clip, you are still able to moisturize your skin, chew, brush your teeth, floss, sneeze, cough, yawn, or even pick your nose if you wish. If you are not self conscious of people staring at you, you can also do ALL of your daytime activities such as running, walking, exercising, shopping, have lunch, or just take a drive around town. As an unintended benefit, it can also double as a Halloween costume.
10What are the cardiovascular benefits?
Nose breathing promotes your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signaling molecule involved in many physiological and pathological processes and is produced in your nose and sinus mucous membranes. It is a powerful vasodilator with a short half-life of a few seconds in the blood. The inner lining of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax, thus resulting in vasodilation and increasing blood flow, and helps lower blood pressure. Oxygen affects the health of EVERY organ in the body. This product does not claim to cure any disease, but Cancer is anaerobic, which means active, occurring, or existing in the absence of free oxygen.
11Will it leave marks on my face?
Earlier designs with a skinnier band did leave a temporary indentation on face, but the 3/8” wide band does not leave a mark on the face unless the band is worn too tight. But don’t worry, if you try to wear it too tight, your nose probably will not let you wear it long enough to cause indentations, because a tight adjustment causes discomfort and you will not wear it the entire evening.
12Will it permanently stretch out my nostrils?
Yes. This product has been credited with creating an entirely new facial appearance, and social status. This unique appearance is called the Rhyno. The Rhyno’s are a particularly snooty group of people known for their acute sense of smell. Most Rhynos gain prestigious status quickly, and they are excelling in the fragrance industries, and also just recently they have infiltrated most 5 star restaurants. Their stomp of approval is simply “Rhyno Knows!” Actually, this can be a serious question, and the answer is No. The amount of force to dilate your nostril is only 2.7 ounces or less. The side of the nostril is extremely resilient, and quickly returns to it’s original shape when the nasal clip is removed. I have been testing/using the product for over 2 years with no problems, and it has not altered the shape of my nose whatsoever.
13Will it help break my addiction to nasal sprays?
Nasal sprays were never intended for daily use. Nasal sprays should not be used for longer than 72 hours (read the warnings on your spray bottle), otherwise a form of addiction can occur. Yes, The Rhyno Clip can help you break your addiction. Depending upon the degree of your addiction, the RC may open your nasal passages enough on the first use for you to resist your temptation to use the spray, and within 3-7 days, that dangerous habit will be a thing of the past. If you have been using sprays for a long time, your condition may be more chronic. For chronic addictions, only put a small amount of spray in one nostril (the most congested nostril), for a day or two, while you allow the other nostril to heal while using the RC. After several days the untreated nostril will heal, while wearing the Rhyno Clip. After one nostril has healed, you can completely discontinue the use of sprays, and allow the other nostril to heal. If you use the Rhyno Clip regularly, you can break your habit for good, and you will not ever be tempted to use nasal sprays again.
14Will it stop or help my snoring?
Nasal dilators can only help reduce your snoring if you snore because restricted breathing has caused you to become a mouth breather. If you snore because you have a stuffy or restricted nose , which causes you to breathe through your mouth, YES, this product can help minimize your snoring. If you snore with your mouth closed, it is most likely due to your palate and tongue structures that are predisposed to falling back easily due to sleeping on your back when the muscle relaxes in deep sleep, this causes a reduced airway The reduced airway causes a vibration and irritating noise when air passes by. Restricted nasal passages and stuffy nose can also aggravate this condition, so in this situation, the Rhyno Clip can help reduce your snoring, if you sleep on your side with your chin slightly up, while wearing the clip. PLEASE NOTE: If you suspect you have obstructive sleep apnea, this can be dangerous, and you should seek medical help. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
15Is it made in the USA?
Yes. The Rhyno Clip is manufactured in California, and assembled in Michigan.
16Why is it healthier to breathe through the nose than through the mouth?
Reference: ehow. Breathing through the nose has many benefits. Breathing through the mouth, many negatives. There are some researchers who believe that mouth breathing and associated hyperventilation causes or exacerbates asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other medical problems. Always better whenever possible (deviated septum and small nostrils may make it impractical) nose breathing 24 hours a day is extremely important for those who desire the longest and most healthy life. The lungs are a primary source of our energy level. They extract oxygen from the air we breathe primarily on the exhale. Because the nostrils are smaller then the mouth, air exhaled through the nose creates back pressure when one exhales. It slows the air escape so the lungs have more time to extract oxygen from them. When there is proper oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange, the blood will maintain a balanced pH. If carbon dioxide is lost too quickly, as in mouth breathing, oxygen absorption is decreased. Also, when mouth breathing, the brain thinks carbon dioxide is being lost too quickly and sensing this, will stimulate the goblet cells to produce mucous, slow the breathing and cause constriction of blood vessels. Breathing through the nose also limits air intake and forces one to SLOW down. Proper nose breathing reduces hypertension and stress for most people. Kind of like a speed control (governor) on a car engine. The nostrils and sinuses filter and warm the air going into the lungs. The mouth breather bypasses this. The sinuses produce nitric oxide (NO) which is a pollutant but harmful to bacteria in small doses. Nitric (not nitrous) oxide is one of the very important chemical parts of sexual arousal. It vaso-dilates (engorgement) and plays a part in maintaining erection.
17Can the Rhyno Clip help relieve stress?
Breathing through the mouth tends to inflate only the upper lobes of the lungs, which are connected to sympathetic nerve fibers, the branch of the nervous system that activates the flight-or-flight fear response. ... When you switch to nose breathing, you inflate the entire lung, including the lower lobes, which are connected to the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, the branch that calms the body, slows the heart rate, relaxes, and soothes. Through proper nose breathing, you employ both branches of the nervous system.
18Have you ever wondered why when you are upset, a friend will tell you to “take a deep breath and count to 10”?
Breathing through your nose and increased breathing reduces stress, it can also reduce your blood pressure. You can test this statement by taking your blood pressure and record the results, then take several long slow breaths, and take your blood pressure again. Sometimes the reduced pressure readings are minimal, and sometimes the results are incredible, but always you will receive better readings when doing this test.
19Can breathing through your nose help minimize bad breath?
Breathing through your nose may not prevent bad breath, but breathing through your mouth can cause bad breath. If you breathe through your mouth, the airways dry out quickly, and this leads to coughing, irritations in the chest and throat, bad breath, dental hygiene problems, and skew teeth over a long period of time.
20If I am not happy for any reason, can I get my money back?
YES! If you are not 100% Satisfied, return the product within 30 days for a Full Refund!