Do Nasal Dilators Really Work?

5 Important Reasons to Breathe Through Your Nose
October 7, 2019
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Do Nasal Dilators Really Work?

The best nasal dilators bring significant relief!

A nasal dilator  can be extremely effective for opening a restricted nasal passage.  The trick is to find a nasal dilator that does not become annoying during the night, or is not cost prohibitive in the long term.  Most nasal dilators adhere to the nose, are wedged inside the nose, pinch the nasal septum, use a tension spring to hold nostrils open, etc.  The problem with most dilators is that they are not adjustable, and while they may open the restriction during inhalation, they create their own obstruction during exhalation.  The nasal strips stuck to the outside of the nose can also become annoying if the spring loaded adhesive strip tries to slowly peel off during the night.  They can also become irritating to the skin if it is applied and removed repeatedly night after night in the same spot on the nose.

Will nasal dilators stop snoring?

The answer is yes, and no.  This will depend on why you snore in the first place.  If you snore because you are unable to breathe through your nose, and you are a mouth breather, a nasal dilator can be your simple solution.  Although, even when you are breathing freely through your nose, you may also have to break the years long habit of mouth breathing, but this is only possible when you can easily breathe through your nose. If you snore with your mouth closed, a nasal dilator will most likely have little effect on your snoring, but it can still give you the peaceful, relaxing feeling of enhanced breathing.  Restricted breathing exacerbates obstructive sleep apnea, so a nasal dilator can help minimize snoring, but sleep apnea is a serious problem with serious consequences and a doctor should be consulted.

Nasal dilators really do work to correct anatomical issues within the nasal passages.

In order for you to be happy with a nasal dilator, you will need to find a dilator that does not cause problems like most of the nasal dilators currently on the market. There is a product currently on the market that does not have any of the issues mentioned above, and it is adjustable, reusable, washable, comfortable, and is fitted to the nose without obstructing your exhalation.  The Rhyno Clip Nasal Dilator was designed for complete comfort, effectiveness, and extended use for months.

There is not currently a single product that can stop all snoring, in all people, but some products can come close, depending on why you snore.  Click here for 10 Cures that have been used to stop snoring.